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For the next several episodes of "The .NET Show" I will be focusing on the issues and interests facing the ITPro. My current line up starts with WMI Scripting, followed by IIS 7.0 (which I am filming on Wednesday), then DSI (Dynamic Systems Initiative), and lastly Windows "Longhorn" Server.

We had a lot of fun filming the WMI Scripting episode with Greg Stemp and Jean Ross. They did a great job at keeping things not only informative, but lively and entertaining at the same time.

The .NET Show: WMI Scripting (

Greg Stemp and Jean Ross from the TechNet Script Center really cut loose and provide wonderful insights and details about WMI Scripting and how it can assist the ITPro in managing their systems infrastructure and deployment environment. One of their tougher challenges is convincing the ITPro that WMI Scripting is not only approachable, but easy to work into their process of managing the large number of systems that they need to be able to configure, maintain, and monitor.

Jean Ross explains how she and Greg assist ITPros through their Script Center
WMI Scripting can, and should, play an important role in helping the ITPro with many of their daily tasks. One problem however is that many ITPro's won't feel that they have the luxury to take the time to learn "programming" in order to take on such a challenge. Greg Stemp, and Jean Ross want to help solve this problem and assist ITPros to realize that learning WMI Scripting is not something that will get in the way of their normal day-to-day operations, and in fact it will greatly assist them in being able to better manage the systems under their control.

Greg and Jean run TechNets "Script Center". This is an online resource that provides information, details, documentation, and assistance to people that are trying to work with WMI Scripting while often trying to support a large number, as well as a large variety, of systems.

In our first segment, they detail for us exactly what the Script Center is, and the various features and services that are available there, as well as describing who they view their customer as, and how WMI Scripting can really provide beneficial functionality to them in an easy to access manner.

Greg Stemp describes how to monitor system operations using WMI.
In our second segment, Greg Stemp fires up his laptop and runs through a series of simple demonstrations that really illustrate the power and capabilities of WMI Scripting. Not only showing how simple it is to easily access and report on information associated with his local system, but also how it can gather information and details from other systems on the network. He also shows how WMI Scripting can utilize applications such as Excel, or even PowerPoint to automatically generate reports, charts, and even presentations that can be used to communicate this information to others.

Hans Bjordahl shares with Erica his experiences working on the Outlook team, his transition to MSNBC as well as details about his cartooning experience.
As our special guest in the Somebody\ segment, Erica talks with Hans Bjordahl. Hans has recently transitioned over to a position in MSNBC, but this isn't preventing him from still doing some cartooning in his spare time. He holds the distinction as producing the first Internet Cartoon with "Where the Buffalo Roam", and these days he is also producing the strip "Bug Bash".

We had a lot of fun pulling this episode together, and look forward to continueing with this ITPro focus in the upcoming episodes. So check out this episode, and let us know what you think by dropping us a note in the "comments" section of this blog entry!

Thanks-Robert Hess