New Episode: SQL Server 2005

Ok, I've been lax at posting updates... It's been almost two weeks since we posted the SQL Server episode, and I haven't said anything about it yet. I guess the whold "blogging" mindset just takes a while to catch hold.

SQL Server 2005

We will soon be releasing SQL Server 2005 (previously codenamed "Yukon"), and so in this episode I've invited James Hamilton and Tom Rizzo to share with us their thoughts about what some of the key improvements of this new release, as well as walk us through some of the basics of interacting with databases from your applications.

I'll be heading off in just a few minutes to start filming (ok, ok, "taping") the special "50th Episode" for The .NET Show. For this special episode we will be doing things a little differently. New music, new graphics, and even a live studio audience... I'll try to remember to post some further details about this tomorrow.