New Episode! The .NET Show: WinFX SDK (Live! from PDC'05)

The .NET Show: WinFX SDK (Live! From PDC'05)

Yeah, it's been a while since the last episode was released, but hey! there's been a lot going on! (ok, probably an old excuse).

To film this episode, we went "on location" to beautiful downtown Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This was the site of "PDC'05" (Microsoft Professional Developers Conference), and flimed it on a special set done up for us in the center of all of the activity. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed the chance to get out and chat with a bunch of our viewers.

The PDC is all about development, and so it only made since to do an episode that was focused specifically on the development tools and documentation for the upcoming Windows Vista. So my guests for this episode were Steven Goulet, the Group Program Manager for the Windows SDK, as well as a couple of the folks who work for him, Christine Kleinke, and Brent Rector. Steven and Christine shared with us the varioius features and aspects of the SDK, and how to try to create great developer documentation to aid all of you in the development of your Windows applications. Then Brent joined us to show off some of the tools that are included as part of the SDK, there really are some handy utilities that they provide that when properly used can greatly aid your development tasks.

For our next episode, we are working with the Visual Studio's team to provide some insights on the capabilities of the new "Team System" that is being rolled into Visual Studio 2005.

-Robert Hess