The .NET Show: OUR 50th EPISODE!

That's right, the .NET Show has been "on the air" now for over 5 years, and we've just published our 50th Episode! Sure, if we were doing weekly shows we would have hit this milestone a long time ago, but that's not the point :->

The .NET Show: The Future of the Platform

For such a special show, we figured that we should also have a slightly special topic, and special guests as well. Instead of talking about specific and actual technologies, I figured that you might want to try to get a little inside view of how we think about the "platform" here at Microsoft, specifically to hear about this from some of the people who are going to be responsible for breathing life into the platform as time goes on.

In the first segment, I have a bit of a round-table discussion with Brad Abrams, Michael Wallent, Steve Millet, and John Shewchuk regarding what they think the issues are that face us, and developers in general, in architecting the Windows platform moving forward. No, you won't hear any "spoilers" here, but you will hopefully get an understanding of how we are trying to solve various problems, as well as provide opportunities for new types of applications and solutions in future versions of Windows and the .NET Framework.

In the second segment, I talk one-on-one with Rick Rashid. He is a Senior Vice President here at Microsoft, and is in charge of Microsoft Research. They always seem to have a pretty fun and exciting job, experimenting with a wide variety of new technologies, techniques, hardware, as well as trying to breath a little life into just barely fleshed out concepts. Rick shares with us some details about various things that keep him busy, and what might someday make its way into some of the applications we use ever day.

And lastly, as a special treat, Erica Wiechers has a personal conversation with Bill Gates, hopefully providing you with some great insights as to who he is, and what he enjoys doing for fun. Did you know he's a big bridge fan (that's bridge the card-game, not bridge the commuting challenge).

We also had a little extra fun with this episode, not only filming in front of a live studio audience, but we also added a little extra footage around the show just to keep things interesting. So check out this episode, and let us know what you think by dropping us a note in the "comments" section of this post.

-Robert Hess