Templates: The Instantiation Process

As we’ve seen in the previous posts, Access 2007 templates are not really database files per se, but simply a set of data and meta-data that will allow Access to create a brand new database file every time.


At a high level, the process to instantiate a template works like this:


1. First, we create a blank database in user-specified location;

2. The database is opened in disabled mode;

3. We load the database objects and properties;

a. Set the Database Properties;

b. Add the VBA references;

c. Create each of the Access Objects (forms, tables, reports, macros and queries);

d. Create the Relationships;

e. Load the Navigation Pane information;

4. Do the necessary localization: flip right-to-left, name autocorrect and fix up labels if necessary.

5. Close the database;

6. Open the database again;