Tim Chapman

SQL Server Dedicated Support Engineer (PFE)

Visualizing Index Fragmenation

We all probably realize that fragmentation can be a performance hindrance, especially for scanning...

Author: TimChapman Date: 12/03/2012

Index Rebuild vs Reorganize: The transaction log edition

Recently a friend and fellow PFE Dave Levy (Twitter/Blog) and I were discussing a question someone...

Author: TimChapman Date: 09/28/2012

Optimizing ad-hoc workloads

Today's tip isn't necessarily low-level, but it is a setting that you should consider turning on for...

Author: TimChapman Date: 09/10/2012

The Joys of Filtered Indexes

A filtered index, introduced in SQL Server 2008, is a non-clustered index that contains only a...

Author: TimChapman Date: 08/27/2012

The Pains of Filtered Indexes

In a previous post I briefly went over how useful filtered indexes can be. Filtered indexes are a...

Author: TimChapman Date: 08/27/2012

How to Parse DBCC MEMORYSTATUS via Powershell

SQL Server has many ways to dig deep into diagnosing memory related problems. Today it is common to...

Author: TimChapman Date: 08/16/2012