Some updates about me

Sorry for the lack of posts recently; many things have converged within the last 2 - 3 months.

First, there was TechEd back in June in Orlando; it was a great time had by all, and I hope that you guys are as excited about the new VB9 language features and VB product experience as we are here in Redmond.

Second, I had a flurry of vacations that I needed to take (hah, never heard that one eh? :) - that pretty much left June out to dry.

Third, a few months ago I decided to take on the role of the VB compiler dev lead. This is an exciting opportunity for me and so far, it has been a fun ride. As you can imagine, there has been and will continue to be for the next while, a lot for me to learn and ramp up on.

Finally, Amanda convinced me to blog on the VB team blog because our team has been making a huge effort to rally the community around the VB team blog.

As a result of all of this, I will start posting VB specific information on the VB team blog. On this blog, I'll post about my journey as a compiler lead, random compiler things, and any other things pertaining to the job that aren't related to the VB language. I may even cross-link to some blogs on the VB team blog and discuss the compiler implementation things that we run into for some of the features.

In short, I'll turn this blog into more of a "compiler implementation/architecture" type blog, and I'll post language features and language things on the VB team blog.

I hope this works out :)