Visual Studio 2005 IDE Enhancements

I just found out that we released the Visual Studio 2005 IDE Enhancements - there are quite a few useful tools in this pack, I highly recommend that you check it out!

One of the tools in this package is the "Source Code Outliner", which was a nice surprise for me. This project started as a "App building" project with myself and a few others on my team back when I was on the Visual Studio IDE team. We wanted to build something that provided a way to quickly search and give feedback on the classes and methods in your current file. When we demoed this project, we received the best application award (and some generous gift certificates to boot!). Later on, it was decided that we would try to ship it first as a sample for the Visual Studio SDK, then as a standalone "powertoy"; some folks took over the project and got it from "app building" quality to ship quality. I'm glad that it's made it out the door.

It's pretty cool how little things like app building projects can make it into a download for the community to enjoy.