Halo 3 and Silverlight

imageHalo 3 and Silverlight are proving the ultimate combination: if you want access to all the latest and greatest Halo 3 content, then you've got to have Silverlight installed on your machine.

Today we just published the Halo 3 Game Guide online; it provides in-depth information on game play, the story so far, the key characters and the vehicles at your disposal. It's pretty neat. In honour of the imminent launch of Halo 3, the Tafiti experimental search interface is also wearing a rather attractive "Master Chief" skin. Lastly, all the Halo 3 trailer videos are of course available in high-definition exclusively using Silverlight, with a bunch more coming over the next few days.

I've been meaning to provide a general update on Silverlight progress, but life has gotten busy. Instead, I'll briefly provide you with a few links: break.com (check out the new spatial search), HSN, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, Terra (warning: this site is aimed at the Latin American region and their streaming servers don't offer great performance to North America or Europe), the Emmy Award site.

And lastly, if you've not seen it - check out theConverted - a utility that converts Flash SWF animations to XAML (in this case, WPF). It's very well implemented - a great way to take your Flash assets and start to build a XAML-based solution.