(Cloud) Tip of the Day: Questions on data residency and compliance in Microsoft Azure? We got answers!

Today's tip...

Questions about the security of and control over customer data, and where it resides, are on the minds of cloud customers today. We’re hearing you, and in response, we published a whitepaper that gives clear answers and guidance into the security, data residency, data flows, and compliance aspects of Microsoft Azure. The paper is designed to help our customers ensure that their customer data on Azure is handled in a way that meets their data protection, regulatory, and sovereignty requirements.

Microsoft gives customers options so they can control the types of data and locations where customer data is stored on Azure. With the innovation of the security and compliance frameworks, customers in regulated industries can confidently run mission-critical workloads in the cloud and leverage all the advantages of Microsoft’s hyperscale cloud.

Download the whitepaper, “Achieving compliant data residency and security with Azure.

Learn more and get a list of Microsoft‘s compliance offerings on the Microsoft Trust Center site.