Tip of the Day: Yet Another MS Ready 2019 Session List

Yes, I know January was a long time ago and I’ve already tipped on Sessions on Demand once. But, as it a happens I recently complied a list for my own nefarious purposes and I thought I’d share it to save you (our valued ToTD® reader) the same hassle. Bear in mind that session lists are often skewed towards the interest of the compiler, so head on over to Digital Ready if you still don’t see what you are looking for.

Oh My Goodness There is Some Cool Stuff Below…

Application & Infrastructure / Application Development

Fundamentals of Kubernetes and the road ahead

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-APP-TS212 >


Serverless for the enterprise

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-APP-TS322 >


Essential Linux concepts for developers

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-APP-ST301 >


From GitHub to Global: Continuously plan, build, test and deploy GitHub projects with Azure DevOps (Lab)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-APP-TS331 >


Getting PHP right on Azure and making your customers happy

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-APP-TS321 >


Application & Infrastructure / Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS210 >


Azure Networking: News, updates and roadmap

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS209 >


Building networks in Azure – mastering connectivity

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS335 >


Azure migration - beyond the essentials

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS207 >


Securing the cloud network perimeter

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS337 >


A deep dive into Azure infrastructure security and key management

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS339 >


How Azure Security Center protects cloud workloads against cyberthreats

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS340 >


Let's Talk About Kubernetes as Infrastructure

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS202 >


Mastering Azure networking concepts (Lab)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS336 >


Azure Advanced Networking for Cloud Modernization (Part 1 of 2)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-ST401-P1 >


Azure Advanced Networking for Cloud Modernization (Part 2 of 2)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-ST401-P2 >


Tips and tricks to get the most out of Azure VMs

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS314 >


Secure infrastructure technical leadership panel: Cloud Infrastructure

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-ST201 >


Use Azure Active Directory Password Protection to eliminate weak passwords in cloud and on-premises

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-ST202 >


Deep Dive: Hybrid with Azure, Windows Server & Admin Center

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS332 >


Certification Prep Immersive Session: Azure Administrator: Exams AZ 100 and AZ 101

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CPS-CRT204 >


Windows Server 2019 Deep Dive

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS331 >


Tips and tricks to manage Windows Server 2008 End of Support by migrating to Azure

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-TS329 >


Modern Workplace / MW Fundamentals

Troubleshooting Windows Devices Enrolled into Intune

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-ST304 >


Identity Conversation for non-identity TSPs

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-TS208 >


Helping customers unlock the value of their Enterprise data with Office 365 through Excel and Power BI

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-TS215 >


What's new in Teams - Collaboration, Firstline and Intelligent Communications

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-TS211 >


Successful Portals on SharePoint Online – Proven playbook from a customer case study & PG trends

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-ST213 >


Practical solutions with PowerShell and Web APIs

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-ST101 >


Driving Modern Desktop - Windows 7 and Office 2010 end of service

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-TS205 >


Everything you need to know about Windows Virtual Desktop

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-TS200-R1 >


Everything you need to know about Windows Virtual Desktop

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-TS200-R2 >


Cloud-connect existing management infrastructure and drive new value with M365

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-FUN-TS217 >


Modern Workplace / Security and Compliance

Leveraging The power of ​Microsoft (M365) Threat Protection​

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS201 >


Azure Active Directory: B2B or Multi-tenant or B2C?

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST313 >


Security landscape & competitive strategy

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS203 >


Achieve Zero Trust with identity as the control plane

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS217 >


The Identity heroes workshop

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS202 >


Azure credential theft mitigation - definition and the road ahead

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST205 >


Azure AD activity logs in Azure Monitor - how to get the best out of the logs

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST310 >


Learn how to grow your career on Microsoft Security!

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST210 >


A deeper look at how the latest integrations across Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) helps customers better protect their sensitive data

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS316 >


Securing your logins with Azure Multi-factor authentication

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST301 >


Use Azure Active Directory Password Protection to eliminate weak passwords in cloud and on-premises

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/AI-CI-ST202 >


Azure Active Directory Token Lifetimes - days of future past

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST323 >


Security and Compliance: Accelerating customer adoption and onboarding - lessons from the field

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST209 >


Configuring Azure Information Protection new and advanced features (Lab)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS317 >


Azure PAW - secure management of Your Azure - lessons learned from deploying Azure Managed PAW

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST316 >


Responding to customer objections for modern Identity and Access Management

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST201 >


Securing and managing devices in the modern workplace with Microsoft Intune (Lab)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS324 >


Identity in the center of your applications

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-ST311 >


Advanced hunting hands-on lab (Windows Defender ATP)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS321 >


Enforcing Zero Standing Access to Privileged Accounts

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS331 >


Password Spray Detection using Windows Events

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-SC-TS214-RT >


+ Lots of Azure / O365 ATP sessions @ https://www.microsoftready.com/digitalreadycatalog_ondemand


Modern Workplace / BI & Analytics

Power BI: Perfecting the Art of the Demo

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-BIA-TS302 >

Modern Workplace / Modern Desktop

Lessons from the field: Enabling Hybrid Modern Authentication and MFA

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDTOP-ST300 >


Enterprise Enrollment with Microsoft Intune

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDTOP-ST309 >


SAC versus LTSC: Know the differences to better inform the customer

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDTOP-ST201 >



Modern Workplace / Modern Devices

Get Ready for Surface Hub 2S and 2X

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDVICE-TS100 >


Surface Go and Pro with LTE Advanced

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDVICE-TS202 >


Surface Portfolio Teardown

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDVICE-TS101 >


Surface tools for business

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDVICE-TS204 >


Surface support top issues discussion

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDVICE-TS203 >


Surface best-practices and beyond: Challenge IT to do better

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/MW-MDVICE-TS207 >


Cross Solution

Troubleshooting AAD Connect Sync with Azure Support Center

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE317 >


Networking diagnosis for the high performance datacenter

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE324 >


Advanced troubleshooting: WPA (XPerf) and network capture analysis (Lab)

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE331 >


Hardcore debugging: the reverse engineering mindset

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE402 >


WinDbgNext new and updated experiences deep dive

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE406 >


The life of a Windows update regression: A bug's afterlife

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE323 >


Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE328 >


Become a subject matter expert on Intune App Protection Policy

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE314 >


Android Enterprise Management in Intune

From < https://content.microsoftready.com/FY19Q3/Session/CSA-SE307 >