Contributing to TLGs Part 5: Creating or contributing to an "experiences in the test lab" TechNet Wiki topic

Another way to contribute content to the Test Lab Guide (TLG) initiative is to create or contribute to an Experiences in the Test Lab topic in the TechNet Wiki. These topics allow you to share the following with other IT pros who are configuring the same test lab environment:

  • Virtualized environment experiences, procedures, workarounds, and best practices (such as Hyper-V)
  • Common configuration gotchas
  • Experiences and procedures when substituting other versions of Windows for the computers of the test lab
  • Tips on troubleshooting this test lab
  • Tips on scripting for this test lab
  • Tips on application development and testing in this test lab
  • Tips on extending this test lab for larger multi-product scenarios

Here is an example of this type of topic for the Windows Server 2008 R2 DirectAccess test lab.

These topics allow the community (you and Microsoft) to record what you learned for others.

Contribute and enjoy.


Joe Davies
Principal Writer
Windows Server Information Experience