Directory Sync with Office 365 – New Test Lab Guide (TLG) for the Public Cloud TLG Stack

Hey TLG and public cloud technology fans,

We recently released the Set Up a Directory Synchronization Server to Sync Users with Office 365 TLG, which shows you how to set up directory synchronization to Office 365 with the Directory Synchronization (or Directory Sync) tool. When you complete the guide, your Active Directory users in the CORP domain on the logical Corpnet subnet are synchronized with Office 365.


This TLG opens up new possibilities for you, especially if you’re interested in testing Office 365 workloads, for instance, Exchange Online, alongside workloads in your Windows Server 2012 on-premises test lab environment, or perhaps with workloads running on Azure virtual machines (also known as infrastructure as a service, or IaaS).

This TLG is built to work with the Public Cloud TLG stack (click on it for a larger version):


Thanks for using TLGs! 

Tony Trivison
Senior Content Developer
Office Server Solutions