Over 200 pieces of Test Lab Guide content and counting…

Hey TLGers,

Just a quick note to commemorate the new milestone for Test Lab Guides (TLGs):

  • There are now over 200 separate pieces of TLG content!

Unlike the previous milestone of over 100 TLGs (which only counted modular TLGs, test lab extensions, TLG mini-modules, troubleshooting TLGs, and troubleshooting scenarios), this new milestone also counts the following:

Hats off all who contributed over the years and for recent contributions from Mikhail Komarov and Vladimir Savko, Jan Keller, K.C. Cross, Hal Zucati, Aly Ghoneim, Mike Plumley and Joanne Hendrickson, and Kurt Hudson, who helped put us over the top.

Enjoy (200 times over)!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer