Test Lab Guide: Configure an Integrated Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint Test Lab

Hey TLG and Office Server 2013 fans,

My partners-in-content Tony Trivison and Mitch Duncan and I just published Configure an Integrated Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint Test Lab, a new Test Lab Guide (TLG) for Exchange Server 2013, Lync Server 2013, and SharePoint Server 2013.

Here is the stack (click on it to see a larger version):


This TLG steps you through the configuration of a lab that contains the following:

  • An AD DS domain controller (DC1)
  • A server that runs SQL Server 2012 (SQL1)
  • A server that runs Exchange Server 2013 (EX1)
  • A server that runs Lync Server 2013, Standard Edition (LYNC1)
  • A server that runs SharePoint Server 2013 (SP1)
  • Two client computers  (CLIENT1 and CLIENT2)

Here is the lab diagram:


After verifying that basic Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint functionality works, you configure server-to-server trust relationships between all three servers. With these trusts in place, a server can request a resource from another server on behalf of a user. Server-to-server authentication uses the industry standard Open Authorization 2.0 (OAuth) protocol.

Here is a short video that describes the build-out.


For information about how to configure this test lab in Hyper-V, see Hosting the integrated Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint test lab with Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.

The resulting test lab environment can be used for cross-product solutions, such as:

  • eDiscovery
  • High-resolution user photos
  • Unified contact store
  • Site mailboxes
  • Exchange task synchronization
  • Lync presence in Outlook

See Cross-product solutions with Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint Server for additional information.

For more information about TLGs, see Test Lab Guides.


Enjoy (in a highly integrated way, this time)!


Joe Davies
Principal Writer