The first TLG stack poster for SharePoint 2013

Hey TLG fans,

In an attempt to get even more visual, I just published the first poster for TLGs showing the SharePoint Server 2013 TLG stack. Although I originally published this as a Microsoft PowerPoint file in a previous blog post, with a little extra work and support from others I have more formally published this graphic in the following forms:

For the PowerPoint and PDF versions, every graphic and text object is a link. For example, click the modular TLGs and TLG mini-modules to see the articles or white papers and the video play icons to see the corresponding TLG overview videos. These links are not available in the image.

If you are evaluating SharePoint Server 2013, use the PowerPoint or PDF files as visual portals to the papers, articles, and videos of this cool TLG stack.




Joe Davies
Principal Writer