Software Factories Exit Poll

It's been almost a year since we released our first software factory. In the months leading up to that first release, the Smart Client Factory, we thought we were onto something interesting, but I certainly wouldn't have predicted that a year later we would have five different p&p factories and so many people using and customizing them. Still one thing we've heard repeatedly is that we're far from done, both in terms of the need to build more factories and the need to improve the experience of using factories in general. And of course we're working on it - but to make sure we focus on the right things, we'd like your help. We've put together a short survey asking a number of questions about how you have used each of the patterns & practices software factories, what worked well and what didn't work so well. I know surveys can be kinda dull and there's no prize at the end, other than the warm and fuzzy feeling that you're helping us to build better software factories in the future. But isn't that enough of a reward? :-)

Here's the link to the survey, and here's more on the topic from Don's blog.