LCS CWA - Registry values to enable tracing on the CWA server

For all of you that want to gather logs and research yourself or you just really like being prepared when you call for support, here is the necessary tracing information for CWA. Keep in mind that if you get errors when the actual client browser launches, you will also want to enable Flat File Logging on the LCS 2005 server. If the client browser does not launch then you are having problems local to the CWA issue.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Communicator Web Access}

Create a key called Tracing

Create values under Tracing as follows - (no quotes in the names)



"FileRootDirectory"string value =""

"TraceUsage"=dword:0 (this is for future use)

Then do the following:

1. Create a temp folder for storing trace files (e.g., C:\CWA\Logs)

2. Enter that path in the "FileRootDirectory" value

3. Change "TraceLevel" to 4

4. Change "Enabled" to 1

The logs should appear in a folder with the name of the application poolunder logs (example - W3SVC729794345, this can be determined by looking in IIS Admin)

The files created will have file names of -


s4* As a note - S4 stands for Scalable SIP SIMPLE Stack