New role with Lync Online Dedicated #lync_d

Just a quick professional update – I recently started a new role with Lync Online for our dedicated offering as an Operations Manager. I have worked with this technology since LCS 2003 and am excited about this new role focusing on our online offering and the challenges faced there.

I started Nov 1, 2011 so I am still learning much of my new responsibilities but I see lots of the same technical content and discussions as well I suspect I will gain the ability to share more about Project Management as related to deployments including Voice rollouts.

I will continue tweeting as @tomllcskid using #Lync as a key hashtag. I need to determine if I should use #office365 because it tends to refer to the multitenant offering and I don’t want to create confusion. If you know of an existing hashtag for dedicated let me know. Thoughts would be #lync-d , #office365-d

November 10 Update

Turns out using the – dash means the hashtag is truncated thus #lync-d becomes #lync so the solution is rather easy and you use an _ underscore. So we will use #lync_d

December 19 Update

I created a separate post on this topic of Dedicated given this post had multiple topics.

Another question or point of clarification was what did the D mean? The short answer is customers pay for a dedicated infrastructure vs. the standard Office 365 offering which is multi-tenant. Public descriptions are located here - 

If you aren’t confused yet I’ll try to outline what options I currently know about customer deployment options. I am still learning the nuances of the offerings but there are feature differences because of legal or regulatory reasons and thus I wanted to be sure that I had a way to talk about the Lync technology and if necessary call out Dedicated to avoid confusion.

  1. On-premise – a customer has their own datacenter and installs the software configuring it for the features they desire per licensing
  2. Hosted – a term that tends to mean the customer has a deployment but another company has ownership of the deployment. Most but not all mean that the hardware is in the Hoster’s datacenter. One variation is when the company owns the datacenter and another company is responsible for being the IT Administration.
  3. BPOS / Office365 – These are considered the Microsoft hosted solution. As well BPOS and Office 365 are an overarching term for multiple technology’s included – Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. A company could choose to purchase 1 or more of the offerings. It should be presumed that anything that speaks of Lync Online or Office 365 Lync would be the most publicly aware offering in the multitenant space or maybe another way the solution everyone knows about and talks about.
  4. BPOS / Office365 Dedicated – Similar to #3 with the exception that a customer is paying for dedicated hardware.

If you have further questions, or you happen to know additional or clarifying details please use comments or contact form and I will update and give you credit.