OT: Enabling “Write” ability to a USB drive on Mac OS X 10.6

July 11 Edit – After doing the steps below and talking with a friend, it seems that this was not such a great idea and so I opted instead to format the USB drive as exFAT which Snow Leopard supports natively for Read Write without any extra changes and supported trumps any workaround in my book.


I am fortunate to have a Macbook Pro for testing our Communicator and Lync clients and in preparation for a business trip I decided now was the time to clean up the drive on my Windows 7 system. I chose copying files to a USB drive and then inserting into the Mac and copying there as it has plenty of storage. In the process I was deleting content on the USB drive back on the Windows 7 system and when I was ready to copy the data back found that the USB drive only had Read permissions on the Mac. I started to copy files back over wireless but with an 8 hour copy time I did some searching and thankfully found this article.

For some reason I had to go through the process twice. Since it eventually worked I will assume I missed something or didn’t follow the steps closely enough the first time. A 40 minute copy time is much nicer Smile 

How To Write To Windows NTFS Drives In Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”