OT: Viewing/Sorting/Grouping Outlook Inbox

I just returned from a week of vacation, I went skiing 3 days with a buddy at Snowshoe Mountain and then took the rest of the week home with the family. For any of you in this business you likely have a lot of email and I was surprised with only ~350 new messages in the week but I had to sort them in the best way to go through them.

First I sort by name and find the few spam messages from myself to myself, I hate these and am tempted to disable external oof messages in the future.

Second, while sorted by name I hit a few key folks to ensure there are no truly urgent project related actions.

Third, it has taken me a while but I have this view that I really like and would like to see Outlook improve on – group by conversation and sort by date.Group by Conversation (descending) and Sort by Received (ascending). I like having my oldest messages at the top and newest at the bottom so with this sorting I will get the result so that I can see an entire conversation before I choose to reply having not read the whole thread and wasted my time.

Here is hoping that the view will become a bit less visually cluttered in the future and more of a default view.

That’s all for today’s OT post