Prepending text in Excel cells

One of the behaviors I use over and over having projects in Project, SharePoint and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server is prepending text in Excel.

The solution I found and continue to reference is here -

In a 3rd column enter this formula
="Question. " & A1
fill formula down

copy column with formula
select 1st column
PasteSpecial > Values
Delete column with formula

Here is an overview of how we use the tools, not saying this is best or even good, it was the first thing we found that achieved what we wanted.

Having an existing project plan and Excel list, we opted to use Excel being a simpler list.

We first create a new User Story with all the required fields and save it.

Editing the User Story we select the Open Work Item in Microsoft Excel on the toolbar, and then to that we paste our list of tasks and complete the required fields.

After saving we use the step above to prepend the customer name to each task, the reason we do this is because the tasks are named identical and we want to ensure any report or view clearly identifies the customer.

Now there may be something I'm missing here in our approach but we have to then open the User Story to link these tasks (or link Tasks to the User Story)