The Lync contact card shows me what time it is for you

This just proves that even being in the group that builds and owns the product you can still stumble across a cool feature. The contact card not only displays the persons time zone but what time it is there. This is certainly helpful the more you work with peers in international time zones.

Here is my full contact card (phone details blanked)


now the person I was speaking too was someone I did not well enough to know where they were located and turns out they were in India



How does this help me? I find it helps with the personal or social aspect of our technical conversation (minimizing certificate costs when you don’t have internal PKI). Today is Friday and I know he is online late and the weekend is ahead. I can now wish him a good weekend when we finish the dialog.

I wonder if adding the current weather conditions would prove worth doing or not?

Enjoy the weekend and make this the day you start living with no regrets!