Workaround to Broadcast a Story in Group Chat

A customer requested the ability to broadcast a story in the Group Chat client and that is not option in the menu’s, however as the old saying goes – It’s not what you know but who you know and I know David Moy, a guy who knows Group Chat real well Smile 

The screen shots I will use are for the Lync Group Chat client, I have not tested with R2 but have high confidence it should work. I also opted to create a folder with 3 of my channels/rooms to easily illustrate the result. As the testing is being done in part of our corporate configuration I can’t show all room names or content.

In this dialog I am right clicking on the LCSKid folder


The Broadcast a Message dialog box (no option for a story)


Here I am entering my text, pay attention to the fact that the first bit of content automatically becomes the story subject


When you click send in the dialog above (or press enter), the Send a Story dialog opens. It is here where an end user could modify the subject of the story.


And this is what it looks like in the room -



TomL LCSKid – always thankful for truly impressive folks that know our products inside and out and share that knowledge.


p.s. - The Story size can only be modified by an unsupported SQL tblconfig update, the first value defines when a Story is automatically created and the second value indicates the maximum size. You can increase that or use attachments.