Addictive Games in Silverlight 2: Shock and Chip-8 Computer Emulator

image Nikola Mihaylov has an interesting blog on Silverlight, but also maintains a website containing nice stuff: Nokola. Warning: checking out the games on his website, may cause loosing precious time.

Nikola must be a very nice guy, as he is also providing the source code of the games as a download. The first game is "Shock", a variant of the Breakout game (see the image at the right). A second Silverlight application is a Chip-8 Computer Emulator with several 1970's games like Pong, Bomber, Alien, etc... Both are Silverlight 2 applications (currently working on beta 1 of Silverlight 2).

Lastly, he's also publishing links to interesting tutorials about Silverlight on his website.

Don't blame me if your work isn't finished in time. ;-)

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