Some Pictures of the Belgian XNA Game Studio Event

On 29 November, Dave Michell and Charles Cox visited Belgium as part of the XNA Game Studio European Tour. Here are some pictures, along with some facts.

Dave Mitchell - The Ongoing Democratization of Game Development
Dave Mitchell and Charles Cox were the 2 Microsoft Corp speakers on the event.
Tommy Goffin of BGin and Stefan Baier of Streamline Studios gave an overview of the gaming industry in our region.

Full cinema room at XNA Game Studio event in Belgium
With around 600 attendees, spread over 2 rooms, you could say there was quite some interest in XNA Game Studio.

Exploring XBox 360 games

During the breaks, the attendees could try out several Xbox 360 games on the 17 consoles that were placed all over Utopolis.

Photos by Tania Mertens

During the event, we also announced the creation of the XNA-BUG (XNA Belgian User Group). One of their first activities will be organizing the XNA Game Development Contest. More info will be announced soon.

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