UAG SP1 DirectAccess Contest Quiz Four-Round One

image(If you didn’t participate in Quiz 1 – you can read the rules of the game over at

It’s time for Quiz 4 Round 1!

This is the last quiz in Round 1. If you’re in front, make sure you don’t miss this one – and if you’re playing catch up, it’s even more important, as I suspect some of the leaders will miss today’s quiz because of Christmas, which give you a chance to move ahead.

Now for the questions!

Question 1: When a DirectAccess client is directly connected to the Internet and is assigned a public IP address, the only IPv6 transition technology the DirectAccess client can use to connect to the UAG DirectAccess server is 6to4.      A.  True      B.  False Question 2: Which of the following UAG DirectAccess component technologies require certificates and PKI?      A.  IP-HTTPS Listener      B.  Infrastructure tunnel      C.  Intranet tunnel      D.  Network Location Server      E.  Client authentication for IP-HTTPS      F.  All of the above      G.  None of the above Question 3: In order to support DirectAccess client access to the intranet tunnel using NAP, you must deploy at least one Windows-based CA.      A. True      B.  False


There you go! I know you’re all busy this week and next, so the questions are short and sweet.

Now send your answers to me at (make sure to use this link since it contains the subject line I need):

Send your entries until 9AM Central Standard Time (-0600 UTC) on Monday December 27th.

Good luck!

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