Menu Flickering / Toggling Redux - Any Ideas?

In a previous post I talked about a subtle bug between IE7 and the Office Handwriting recognition service that we discovered too late into IE7 to ship a work-around for, but described how end-users can fix this on their own.

However, a couple users have noticed a similar problem that even affects IE6 and otherĀ applications, so I thought I'd throw the question out there to see if anybody else knows the answer:

"I have been having the exact same problem for the last week with IE6. Like Jan above I do not have the "Handwriting Recognition" or "On-Screen Standard Keyboard" options under the "Details" tab. But I think this is greater than an IE problem because I get the menu flickering on all drop-downs in Windows. I just upgraded to IE7 and the problem remains. I cannot use my browser anymore and will have to change if there is no real fix. Any other ideas??"

(emphasis mine)

Any ideas?