IT Pro Camp

Like a lot of people in technology, I call myself an auto-didact. This means I like to fool myself into believing that I am largely “self-taught.” It is part of the mythical life of Americans in particular that the individual can succeed as a lone-wolf. I say mythical not in the sense that it doesn’t exist, but in the sense of it is so absent from daily life as to be rare and magical.

The fact is that in any area of proficiency – the smart play for a human is to “watch, and learn.” The military/martial skill schools long ago codified the algorithm pretty well:

“See 1. Do 1. Teach 1.”

repeat as necessary.

So, say you are starting out and want to learn “How to be an IT Pro”. The tribal wisdom for ages has been “See <that person over there of demonstrated proficiency>? Go watch what they do. LEARN.”


In this interwebz era – how to do?

Here’s a start  - work your way through the free-as-in-beer Test lab Guides on the TechNet Wiki. Then contribute one yourself. Virtualization and Hyper-V makes this particularly easy.

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