TechNet Wiki (Beta): The Future is Stubby

On the TechNet Wiki (Beta) we encourage IT Pros and Devs to start a wiki article, even though they may not have all the information required to complete it. Troubleshooting articles, in particular, as well as “link aggregations” can profit greatly from this approach.

Check out the How to Create a Stub Page article, and/or review the tag page for existing stubs waiting for help, and get stubby.

Here’s an example. I created the PowerShell Survival Guide in Feb 2010, and it looked like this (at 75% magnification):


Today, after scores of IT Pros and Devs from around the world contributing links to resources that they vouch for as valuable, it looks like this (in 15% magnification) - all in Green has been added by the community.


One of the metrics we keep an eye on for the TechNet Wiki (Beta) is number of article revisions. We view this number as one measure of increasing quality for the article. This article has been revised 100 times to date, and is also consistently in the top 5 or 10 articles when counting page views.

Come on in, the wiki’s fine…