TechNet Wiki Tags-onomy–The Hidden Differentiator

You can find some common TNWIKI tags at:


Internet pundit Clay Shirky said “The Only Group That Can Categorize Everything Is Everybody.”   The idea behind a tagging taxonomy, or “tagsonomy” as it is implemented on the TNWIKI is that IT Pros can create their own ways of navigating and finding technical content through the use of tags.

For example, the PowerShell Survival Guide topic has the following tags as of this writing:

blog, blog link, cmdlets, download, Facebook, has video, liblink, newsgroup, PowerSlim, script, scripting, Scripting Guys, scripts, survival guide, tonyso, Twitter, video link, Windows PowerShell

So, for example, if you like the *idea* of the survival guide, and want to find other survival guide-type topics, just click the tag. This will even return a couple of topics that are titled “resource lists” which would not appear in a search for “survival guide”. Someone saw a category or structural similarity between survival guides and resources lists, and linked them with the tag.

You could even develop your own “table of contents” by tagging all the articles you wanted me to find with “top secret project” and then letting me know to click on that tag to find the articles of interest to us both. Of course, using that tag would *not* gain you a lot of secrecy…

In the example above, you will note a tag of “tonyso,” which is my e-mail alias. This is of interest to no one but me, but allows me to quickly get a list of articles that I started, which is not easy using search,.


“…folksonomies work because they leverage a very efficient natural language processing tool: the human brain. By offloading the task of disambiguation onto the user, folksonomies reduce the need for all of those fiddly niceties like hierarchy that ontologists have traditionally considered necessary.” [link]