Jetway IK tutorial

I captured a tutorial about creating a Jetway using our IK system and Gmax over a year ago.  Due to software weirdness and a general lack of time, I was unable to render the video out.  However, thanks to Nick Whittome (a genius at getting me to do stuff and a prodigy at helping me out when I can't get it done on my own), the video has been rendered and is now posted at the FSDeveloper website.  You can grab the video directly from this link.  Extra special thanks to Nick and Arno for getting me to do this and providing a place for it to live.  It's a little improvised, so if you can sit through some "Ums" and "Uhs", there's decent content in there.

I also see that Nick has posted requests for future videos.  So hopefully I can get through some others over the coming months / years.