Creating PerformancePoint dashboards using Project Server data

You might have seen the new Business Intelligence Center that is available for Microsoft Project Server 2010. If you haven’t seen it or used it yet, watch this fantastic video that my teammate published. She does an excellent job of introducing you to the Business Intelligence Center and how it relates to Project Server.

Video: About the BI Center

The Business Intelligence Center makes it easy for you to create and use dashboards to track and analyze performance. For example, you can create dashboards to monitor performance for various projects. You publish these dashboards to SharePoint Server, where they are available to multiple users and remain up-to-date.

Use Project Server with PerformancePoint Services

From the Business Intelligence Center, you can choose which tool to use to create your dashboards. For example, you can create reports using Excel Services, or jump to PerformancePoint Services. Using PerformancePoint Services together with Excel Services, we recently created a project resource usage dashboard that uses Project Server sample data. Our example dashboard is designed to serve as a starting point. You can easily re-create it, and then add more content to it. The following articles will guide you through the process:

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We are planning to publish more Project Server / PerformancePoint Services scenarios soon, and we're interested in your feedback.

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In the meantime, Happy Dashboarding!

Denise Stendera

Writer, PerformancePoint Services