Trying to decide which BI tool is best?

Trying to decide on which Business Intelligence application is best for your business? With all the choices available, do you know what style of BI is right for you? The white paper "How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Technology to Suit Your Style" will help you with those questions and more.

For the five different styles of BI -- Self-Service Analysis, Business Reporting, Parameterized & Operational Reporting, Performance Monitoring, and Scorecarding -- this white paper includes the following:

  • Description and key characteristics. Each style is described clearly, including the typical profile of the users, how is the information to be shared, limitations and plusses.

  • Tools that are available for that style. Each tool that could be used for that style are listed along with feature details of each.

  • Infrastructure or architecture needed. A discussion of the infrastructure needed to implement tools in this style.

  • Key considerations. Using tables and a list of key questions, it provides answers on and its capabilities and allows you to clearly see the choices to be made.

  • Case study. Each section concludes by describing a real customer case study highlighting the business problem that was addressed, what tool was chosen and why, the architecture in place, the benefits realized and a summary of the customers experience.

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