Re-launch of my blog

This will be, in restaurant parlance, a "soft opening": no fanfare, we'll see if anyone notices. If there are any followers of this blog -- and considering my last post was three years ago, I find that highly unlikely -- you will notice I've changed some things. And I plan on changing more.

Previously, the subject of this blog had been Addins and Customization. I am still interested in those things. However, in the three dark years here, things have changed. In these years, my career has grown a bit. I am now a "Principal Software Architect Lead" which means I lead a small team of architects (and we're hiring, BTW). Our architectural oversight still includes the Office facing tools like VBA, VSTO and VSTA. It also includes developer tools for SharePoint. And most recently -- very recently in fact -- we have gained what we call the "Cloud Tools": the tools for the Windows Azure Platform. And I'm sure you've noticed that Office and SharePoint are moving to the cloud as well. So, now I've got my head in the clouds...

This is a new and fun area, and one about which I am very excited and enthusiastic. I have a few blog posts in this area queued up. I won't promise it won't be three years between posts again, but we'll see how it goes.