TechEd 06: Chalk-talk today, MAF 101

I'm doing a "chalk-talk" today at TechEd -- at 3:45 in DEV (Blue area) Theatre 1 in the TLC. The listed subject is Designing Managed Add-ins for Reliability, Security and Versioning, the same subject of the talk Jim and I did at PDC. I've refined the talk a lot since then. I've been giving this presentation internally at Microsoft (and JackG and I have been doing webcasts with it recently) for the MS developers that are now implementing MAF-based models. Of course VSTA is based on MAF. So InfoPath 2007, the earliest adopter of VSTA has used MAF, and now the next version of VSTO that comes out with Orcas will be VSTA\MAF based. And we're talking to a bunch of other teams; it is taking root.

I've been calling this talk MAF 101. I dig into the details of the architecture as well as the Framework, and talk about the lessons we learned while building it. I'll also look at some samples to show how it works in the real world.