learning plans

Last year Microsoft started offering "learning plans," basically a tool to help you easily find technology tips/study materials in one place. Not necessarily tied to certification, but that too.

For example, there is a learning plan for implementing high availability w/server 2008 and one on troubleshooting Exchange 2007 servers and on and on for very specific things. Then there are learning plans for most exams, like for 70-648 or 70-649.

Learning plans aren't just the training we (Microsoft Learning) make and sell, they also include articles, TechNet/MSDN webcasts, related blogs, free training from other sources across MIcorosft, etc. So kind of nice that you pick out the topic you're looking for, and someone else has already found the things that will help you learn that.

A plan, if you will, for learning.

To save your plan you can log-in with your Live ID and keep track of your progress. Since these originally came out, we have made a lot of updates to the tool and added content on the new technologies, check it.

Have you used these? Anyone?