SQL Server 2008 Live Meeting Put-off-a-thon

We pushed back the SQL LIve Meeting (if you were registered, you hopefully got a notice along those lines) AGAIN, partially because I didn't have my act together, and partially because we didn't want to waste your time with a meeting if we didn't have enough to say. The SQL certifications are many months off, so we've rescheduled for January. I'm glad we moved the meeting but sorry for messing with your calendar.

For those of you who would like a glimmer of what is in the works for SQL 2008 certification, check Gerry's recent post on the topic.

In related news about me screwing something up, someone gave the feedback that the Windows Server 2008 Live Meeting on December 5 should have been broken out separately for upgraders and new people. I agree 100% and that was the original plan, but then we tried to cram too much in.

In related news about me screwing something up, I accidentally ate someone else's Healthy Choice frozen lunch entree ("Sesame Chicken")  out of the 18N 3rd floor kitchen freezer, instead of my Healthy Choice frozen lunch entree ("Roasted Turkey").

I'm exhausted by this effort to be transparent and take responsibility for my mistakes,* so I'll wrap it up.

Your friend,


* A select set of recent, MSDN-appropriate mistakes only. For a comprehensive list of mistakes, please contact my parents.