From the Your Puns Are Without Peer (i.e. they have no friends) department, I noticed that since yesterday’s reboot (the first in a long, long time), the pen had stopped working on the Wacom Bamboo I use with my desktop PC.

I’ve installed a fair wadge of malware recently, just before the last reboot (oh, okay, it was Office 2010, which is brilliant, and Visual Studio 2010, which I really should try at some point, but I’m scared. So scared.) and wondered if one of the above (*cough* Visual Studio *cough*) might’ve updated a runtime or something.

Off to Wacom’s site, and yep, there’s a brand-spanking-new (4th April anyway) driver available, and it works brilliantly again after that (and a restart for good measure). Maybe that’s all I needed anyway. Maybe I didn’t even need that. But I have it, and now we’re very happy together, thanks for asking.