Frustrated with Outlook

More a "thinking out loud" post than anything useful. Please ignore me for the time being.

After the x64 installation, it's taken me a while to track down my copy of Office 2003 and install it. Living without Outlook is not something I enjoy doing for any length of time, Outlook Express just ain't enough. Now it's back, I'm not really sure how to do what I want to do with it.

I've made the decision that running a fully-featured Exchange Server and domain at home is no longer cost-effective, as the main reason I used Exchange at home (in the post-email era) was to email myself ideas, and Microsoft's anti-spam filters have put a stop to that (I'm on a cable network with dynamic IPs, which attract a low confidence level). So I'm trying to move to a semi-hosted solution for personal email and calendaring, while retaining a local copy of all data wherever possible.

So right now, I'm running my server with Windows Server 2003 SP1 + ISA 2004 Enterprise Edition (um, it might look like overkill, but it's useful to have a "real" one to look at) as a gateway only, and I'm trying to work out how I can get my POP mail into a PST, and keep my Exchange mail on a hosted Exchange server, while using an OST and RPC/HTTP.

Per-account delivery locations, that's what I want (actually, in my heart of hearts I'd really really like to be able to talk to multiple Exchange servers at once, each with its own cached store). Sure, I could set up two profiles, but That Is Painful. I'm already annoyed that I have to supply my password every time, so I'm not really looking to exacerbate that by adding a profile switch to it.

I'd also like the Outlook calendar synch-able between work and home. Sigh - so much to accomplish, but it's bedtime now.