I'm going to flee, I am.

To the beach, once more.

Since going on holiday a couple of hours ago, I've:

 - bought Civ 4 and Psychonauts from Steam (played the Psychonauts demo a while back, absolutely loved it, but didn't buy it for a reason I can't remember right now) (they're peppering my DSL connection as I type)

 - played the Rainbox 6: Lockdown demo from Xbox Live (that was very, very cool, kinda a faster-paced GRAW feel to it)

 - downloaded the Windows SDK (Intended Holiday Activity #1: Sit near beach with Petzold's latest, and come back with Some Knowledge of WPF)

 - found OpenGL drivers from Nvidia for Windows Vista RC2, so I can play Armadillo at high speed again

 - realized my tax is due by the 31st this year (as it is every year). ZOMG!

 - Also, it's Daylight Savings night tomorrow night, the clocks go back, I think.

It'll be a fun week at the beach, followed by a fun week not at the beach. As long as the weeks are fun, I'm happy. And vice versa.

Be seeing you...