Token Post por Janvier

Dear Mater,

I'm still at the beach. STOP.

After a week of oppressive sunshine, sometimes over forty new degrees, we have endured ten days of oppressive rain. STOP.

When the rain stops, conditions are hot and humid. STOP. And then it rains again. STOP. Currently awaiting further showers. STOP.

Wish the rain would STOP. STOP.

I endeavoured to once again complete GTA: San Andreas, which was an excellent way to pass the first week. STOP. Since then, I bested Freedom Force vs The Third Reich, and have come to the dire and heavy realization that I forgot to bring all the interesting SDKs with me. STOP.

Please give my love to Gertrude and Harriet. STOP.

Back on the 19th. STOP. Lots of love, Oedie. STOP.