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Out and about: New SharePoint mobile offerings

Work is no longer 9-5, nor confined to a single location. People are out and about more than ever and need to be able to access their documents and data whenever and wherever they are. As we shared at SharePoint Conference 2012 in November, we've been working hard on new SharePoint mobile apps so you can access your information from a variety of devices. We are excited to share an update on the progress we've made--from the new native apps and how SharePoint document access appears in the native Windows Phone Office Hub to investments in cross-device access across multiple browsers and a new backend feature called Device Channels.


Enhanced Video Experience in SharePoint 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that a video is worth a thousand pictures? Videos are revolutionizing the way teams and organizations communicate with each other and are increasingly being used to facilitate knowledge-sharing and training within organizations. Intranet video portals for the enterprise are gaining popularity because they are effective for sharing information across the entire organization. SharePoint 2013 does a great job supporting video communications-from sharing a video across a team site to building a knowledge management/video portal for the enterprise.  The video experience in SharePoint 2013 is enhanced greatly-the videos are easier to upload, the UI is clean and simple, videos are easy to search, and more! Read on to find out more....


Paris airport management uses SharePoint 2013 search tools to enhance knowledge sharing

This is the first in a series spotlighting success stories from SharePoint 2013 early adopters.


Cambridgeshire Constabulary cuts costs and streamlines operations with SharePoint 2013

Cambridgeshire Constabulary replaces aging Lotus Notes environment with 40 Microsoft SharePoint 2013 portals.


Yammer and SharePoint: Enterprise social roadmap update

At last November's SharePoint Conference, we announced our roadmap for enterprise social and talked about three phases of Yammer integration: "basic integration, deeper connections, and connected experiences". Today we provided an update to that roadmap.


What’s new in SharePoint Online–top 10

SharePoint Online (SPO) has a gaggle of new innovation and welcome improvements. The premier sharing service is updated with a new, fluid user interface, active personal file sharing, higher storage limits for both personal and team sites, a high-end cloud app development model, and more robust tooling for admins to more easily and effectively control their SPO environment. Everyone benefits from the new SharePoint Online!


Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 Now Available

We finished the RTM release of Visual Studio 2012 in August 2012 and launched it in September.  At that time, we committed to releasing new value into Visual Studio via a regular cadence of Visual Studio Updates, and in November 2012 we released our first, Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 (VS2012.1), which contained not only bug fixes and performance improvements, but also new functionality spanning four primary areas of investment: Windows development, SharePoint development, agile teams, and continuous quality. We are excited to announce that today we’ve shipped Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 (VS2012.2) and that it’s now available for download.


Microsoft Internet Information Server

Announcing: Smooth Streaming plugin for OSMF (RTW!!!)

We are pleased to announce that Windows Azure Media Services team released a RTW version of Microsoft Smooth Streaming plugin for OSMF.  Using Smooth Streaming OSMF plugin, you can add Smooth Streaming capabilities to existing OSMF and Strobe Media Playback players and furthermore build rich media experiences for Adobe Flash Player endpoints using the same back-end infrastructure you use today to target Smooth Streaming playback to other devices like Win8 store apps, browser and so on.



OpsVault — Operate and Optimize IT


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SharePoint Technologies

Internet sites search architectures for SharePoint Server 2013

This design sample model provides guidance on the hardware requirements and performance considerations for Internet Sites search topologies. In addition, the model shows an example medium-sized Internet sites farm.


Search architectures for SharePoint Server 2013

This design sample shows the logical architecture and interaction of search components, and an example of a fault-tolerant server farm that provides enterprise search for a content corpus that contains approximately 40 million items.


Enterprise search architectures for SharePoint Server 2013

This design sample illustrates small, medium, and large-size farm architectures for enterprise search. It contains search and farm topology examples, scaling guidance and hardware requirements.


Streamlined topologies for SharePoint Server 2013

This model describes a streamlined approach for building topologies for SharePoint Server 2013. The distribution of components is intended to maximize system resources of server hardware. Streamlined architectures include front-end servers, batch-processing servers, and database servers.


Services on server install workseet for streamlined SharePoint Server 2013 topologies

As you plan a SharePoint environment, you'll consider the services that you plan to run on various web servers or application servers in a streamlined topology. Use this worksheet to record the services that you plan to assign to servers.


Navigation term set planning worksheet for SharePoint Server 2013

Use this worksheet to record the decisions you make about the navigation term set, including the level in the hierarchy, the term set that you will pin from, whether to show in current and global navigation, and term-driven pages.


SharePoint 2013 WAN architecture diagrams

This Visio file includes full-scale diagrams for Teck that are presented in the following TechNet article: SharePoint Server 2013 WAN case studies: United Airlines, Teck, and Fabrikam. Some diagrams in this file are not included in the article.


Microsoft Internet Information Server

Using LogParser to Check Visitor IPs to a Certain Page


Getting Started With URL Rewrite

Sometimes you need to restrict traffic to your web site or reduce the impact from a rogue bot that is hitting it. Often, the first thought is to restrict that traffic at the perimeter firewall.


Why is the IIS default app pool recycle set to 1740 minutes?

Microsoft IIS Server has what appears to be an odd default for the application pool recycle time. It defaults to 1740 minutes, which is exactly 29 hours. I’ve always been a bit curious where that default came from. If you’re like me, you may have wondered too.


Adding Custom FTP Providers with the IIS Configuration Editor - Part 1

When you create a custom FTP authentication provider, IIS has a user interface for adding that provider to FTP. But if you are adding a custom home directory or logging provider, there is no dedicated user interface for adding those types of FTP providers. In addition, if you create a custom FTP provider that requires settings that are stored in your IIS configuration, there is no user interface to add or manage those settings.


Automating the Creation of FTP User Isolation Folders

Here's the scenario: a customer had hundreds of user accounts created, and he wanted to use the FTP service's User Isolation features to restrict each user to a specific folder on his FTP site. Since it would take a long time to manually create a folder for each user account, the customer wanted to know if there was a way to automate the process.


CPU Throttling in IIS 8


Azure Web Sites – WordPress plugin update bug fixed

Windows Azure Web Sites has recently been upgraded to a new version. Among all the improvements and bug fixes in the new version there is one change that fixes a known issue with update of WordPress plugins. There have been numerous questions about this problem at the Azure Web Sites forum.


Configuring IIS 8 Remote Administration

Remote Management for IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012 is a great way to connect to your site and accessing IIS features without logging in to the server.  It is straight forward to configure but requires a few steps to get working properly.



SharePoint Technologies

SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK

This easy-to-use, redistributable package of the Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft .NET managed client object models in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 enables developers to reference the client object model.? The package includes a comprehensive collection of client-side object model (CSOM) DLLs.


Productivity Hub 2010 SP1

The Productivity Hub is a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 SP1 site collection that offers training materials for end-users.


Microsoft Internet Information Server


This is your single source for finding Microsoft Internet Information Services tools, samples, extensions, filters and modules created by Microsoft and the IIS community.


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SharePoint Technologies

Tuning SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013 Jump Start

SQL Server stores most of the data for SharePoint. This Jump Start focuses on how these two products are integrated. Join two of the industry’s most popular SharePoint experts, Bill Baer and Brian Alderman on an exploration of SQL Server settings, SQL Server system database settings and configuration options that will improve SharePoint 2013 performance, availability and security. Enjoy this demo filled Jump Start to help you optimize SQL Server 2012 deployment to protect your SharePoint environment.


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