Moving Day

Welcome to my new TechNet blog!

For about seven years I posted to my old TechNet blog about interesting support cases I or my colleagues had seen or other cool techno stuff from the Microsoft support world. A year or so ago I chatted with some folks in Microsoft’s Active Directory development team (commonly referred to as “The Product Group” among us support types) about helping them establish a blog presence on TechNet by passing them “my” blog. The idea was that, for one thing, the name was really the name of the product and for another thing it already had an established readership

To be honest, my blog did not have nearly as large a readership as the AskDS team blog thanks to my nemesis Ned Pyle (pictured below).  He did an incredible job of generating content and making things readable.

PhotoFunia Daily News Regular 2013-07-24 05 19 56


But the idea of utilizing some established readership is a good one, and I was happy to help things along and assist the AD team in getting a good venue.

Look for more blog posts from me soon. And remember to go check out the AskDS support team blog to hear about assorted Directory Services support things and the Active Directory Team product team blog to hear the latest news on what’s coming down the pipe from our development folks.