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SDET musings on Server related stuff

Using SharePoint OM to get the Default URL on a SharePoint Farm

How to get the Default port 80 URL on a SP Farm using the SP Object Model. This is useful if you're...

Author: tswift Date: 02/10/2010

PowerShell how to get around Active Directory referral errors

If you're getting referral errors from your PowerShell scripts trying to enumerate users the problem...

Author: tswift Date: 08/26/2009

Getting XML values in PowerShell

I couldn't believe how easy this was when I finally figured it out... I needed to enumerate all of...

Author: tswift Date: 08/25/2009

Powershell: Enumerating a LDAP Group with a large (>1500) number of users

Okay I searched though a lot of PowerShell Blogs for the answer to this but couldn't find a solution...

Author: tswift Date: 04/29/2009