Deploying .appx package to Windows Phone via Microsoft Intune failes with 0x0 or 0x87D103E8

Are you trying to deploy a Windows Phone .appx but the installation via Microsoft Intune fails? It could be that your application needs dependencies installed.

When deploying an .appx from the public Store or via Visual Studio dependencies are installed automatically. When creating an .appx and manually sideloading this to a device OR using Microsoft Intune the dependencies are not installed automatically and the installation might fails. While a proper solution is being investigated, there are two workarounds you could consider:

  1. Install another application from the public store that’s using the same dependency (e.g. Shazam is using WinJS) after that the app should deploy fine.
  2. Instead of (the default in Visual Studio) referencing a dependency in the project, copy the contents of the dependency package into the VS Project and change the reference.

Method 2 explained in a bit more detail:
Copy the contents of the dependency package into the VS project and add those files to project. The only code change you have to make is to change the references like this:

Default reference:

<script src="//Microsoft.Phone.WinJS.2.1/js/base.js"></script>
<script src="//Microsoft.Phone.WinJS.2.1/js/ui.js"></script>

Change to:

<script src="/Microsoft.Phone.WinJS.2.1/js/base.js"></script>
<script src="/Microsoft.Phone.WinJS.2.1/js/ui.js"></script>

Note: the single / in front of the reference.
Build your solution and deploy the application with Microsoft Intune, it should succeed.