End-of-year wrap-up

Well, here we are on New Year's Eve.  I'd like to reflect a bit on this blog about the past year:

  • I succeeded in my goal of learning Unix better.  This, as you may recall, was a New Year's resolution.  While I hardly consider myself an expert at Unix, I have gotten pretty good with sed, awk, xargs, piping results into files and then cat'ing those files while running commands on the results.  In fact, many of my existing Perl scripts I have rewritten to use Linux commands.

    This is kind of a blessing and a curse.  I can do things quicker in Linux now, but moving Linux to Windows will mean that most of my scripts won't port over because they are designed to run on Linux.  Oh, well.

  • My new resolution for 2008 is to finish off my series on sender authentication.  I will go into DKIM and then Occam's Razor Authentication (something I first heard about at the 2007 CEAS spam conference).

  • My second resolution is to learn Windows PowerShell.  I used it for a couple of weeks this past year and then abandoned it.  I plan to pick it back up and at least learn a few commands.

  • My third resolution is going to be tougher.  I am going to try to attend a spam conference and present at that spam conference.  What will my topic be?  Nobody knows (including me).