What is this Google+?

A few weeks back I voiced my reaction to Google+: Meh.  A commenter wrote that with 10 million users, it was very successful.  Yet I was looped into Google+ simply because I have a Gmail account and people were adding me to their circles.  That made me one of those 10 million even though I didn’t actually volunteer to try it out.

I am not yet convinced that Google+ is necessary to replace Facebook (Google has a history of copycat products – Google+ is Facebook, Google Buzz is Twitter, Orkut is Match.com or something, Google Wave is … something to do with email).  Still, I grant that there are a number of people out there who like the flexibility of Google+ and it allows you to do stuff that Facebook doesn’t.

I came across this video yesterday on Break.com that explains what Google+ is all about.  After watching this video, now I am more convinced to give it a try.

I didn’t say I would give it a try, only that I am more convinced to do it.  My convince rate is still less than 50%.

“What is this Google Plus?” Song