"How do I turn off that annoying User Account Control?"

Hi, Aaron Margosis here. I'm not actually on the UAC team, but we're good friends and share a common passion about running Windows with least privilege.

Those of you who follow this blog are probably aware that there has been... well, let's say dissatisfaction ... (yes, that's putting it nicely)... with the current implementations of UAC. One of the frequently asked questions about Vista today is "How do I turn UAC off?", and even some "experts" suggest turning it off.

There are two ways to answer the question. There is the technically correct answer involving Local Security Settings, and then there is the better answer that Jesper Johansson recently posted on his blog that offers a compelling argument for leaving it on. If you're thinking of turning off UAC, read what Jesper has to say. Why? Because he's right! :-)