Can Lync IM federate with Google Talk or Jabber instant messaging?

This was asked by a few universities. The answer is yes using our Microsoft XMPP gateway.



Where do I grab the XMPP gateway?

It is free here and there is also an updated fix to the XMPP gateway here. Some more XMPP config information here .

It says it is for OCS R2 does it work with Lync?

Yes, it functions with Lync. The XMPP deployment guide has OCS R2 screenshots but can be applied to Lync. The OCS guy did a step by step Lync walkthrough here.

Any tweaks to the Microsoft XMPP gateway that will help?

Here are a few gateway configuration settings you can make that have helped with Google Talk federation:

1. Enable ‘Never Close Idle Connection’
2. Set XMPP Refresh Connection Timer to 1 hour
3. Under session, set subscription refresh timer to 1 hour

What can I do with Jabber or Google Talk user when federated with Lync via the XMPP gateway?

The Microsoft XMPP gateway allows Lync users to add XMPP capable IM contacts, see presence, and conduct 1 to 1 two-way instant messaging back and forth.  Voice and Video federation only works with Windows Live Messenger or Live@edu or other Lync/OCS federated organization.

What if I want voice and video federation or richer domain granularity, etc between Lync and XMPP IM systems?

I found third party company called NextPlane that can help with a XMPP cloud federation service or on prem gateway if you require some of these richer XMPP federation features: